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Hi, we're Everyday!
We're passionate about spreading emotional intelligence.
Corporate training sucks,
and we're here to change that.

If you're like us, you're fed up with pouring money into training without tangible results. Your team might enjoy the occasional company retreat, but truth be told, you're bored of staring at powerpoint presentations by fancy consultants that have nothing to do with how your business actually works.

You're looking for something that can up your game: something that can give your team the training experience they deserve, while also fulfilling the needs of your business to perform and grow.
We're transforming the way you work.
At Everyday, we reimagine corporate training for the better. Our mission is to help people and businesses thrive by applying emotional intelligence every day.
Training should be as playful and inspiring as those things you enjoy most in life.
Training should adapt to the displayed skill and proficiency of the participant to maintain the right level of challenge.
Training should be designed to fit the individual development needs of the individual and real-world context of the business.
About Everyday.
Since 2014, we have been training thousands of people in emotional intelligence.
The expert in emotional intelligence.
Everyday is the expert in emotional intelligence training for businesses and a pioneer in bite-sized corporate training that gives tangible results.
More than 1600 people trained.
Since our inception in 2014, we've trained more than 1600+ people in our emotional intelligence programs and had the privilege to work with some of the most ambitious and innovative businesses in the Nordic region.
Future-proofing businesses in the digital age.
As companies look to future-proof their business, Everyday provides proven training solutions to help unleash the full potential of the people and stay ahead of the curve.

Leadership team
Everyday is led by a team of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to making a difference through education.
Per Jonsson
Co-founder & Product Lead
While spending a decade as a founder of various companies in the tech industry, Per experienced the challenges of running a scalable business and how people skills played a key role in making it thrive. Before starting Everyday he was the co-founder of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, Omnicloud and Jumpstarter and advisor and product manager for a number of startups.

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Ashkan Safaee
Co-founder & Training Lead
After having a swift career that involved leading positions in the business world, Ashkan began to see the role of leadership development in evolving businesses and making them grow. He then spent almost a decade training and developing people to perform at their best. Before starting Everyday he was a senior trainer at Vendator, sales lead at Postnord, co-founder of Unleash Global and board member of Ung Cancer.

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Nicole Michaelis
Content Lead
Nicole takes her academic background from marketing and engineering and blends it with solid experience from various organizations where she's worked with digital strategy, communication, and content marketing. She's passionate about the mission of spreading emotional intelligence to the world.

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Coaches and trainers.
We have a strong team of coaches with more than 10 years of experience from the corporate world, who are experts in making people grow.
EQ for individuals.
Since our start in 2014, we have been training individuals in the skills of emotional intelligence through our social enterprise Everyday School.

Everyday School offers online classes and occasional workshops and trainings open to the public.