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What is bite-sized learning?
Bite-sized learning is a name for short content pieces who can be grasped quickly by the learner. They often reference shared experiences to create deeper meaning. Bite-sized learning modules often consist of imagery or video material instead of long texts. The idea is, that it shouldn't take the learner more than a few minutes to get through a bite-sized learning module.
Why is bite-sized learning so effective?
Several studies have found that learning in bite-sized modules makes transfer of learning almost 20% more efficient. But why is it so much more effective to learn in smaller sprints?
Bite-sized learning content is easily accessible, meaning that learners can take it in at their own pace.
Bite-sized learning content typically addresses fewer learning objectives at once, resulting in less than 5 learning takeaways. This is far easier to digest.
Bite-sized learning content is more focused and hence less cluttered with unimportant facts. This makes it easier to remember what matters.
Bite-sized content is adjusted to the average attention span of learners, meaning that when the learner is focused on the bite-sized content his or her engagement is at a high.
A bite-sized learning approach is more effective than an average workshop or traditional learning module, as it's adjusted to learners' behaviours and hence results in higher engagement.
How people learn
The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours on end.
We learn better when content is delivered in smaller, bite-sized packages or sprints and ideally placed out over an overseeable period of time. If we also get to repeat parts of the content, that aids retention even more.
Time is your most expensive resource.
Investing in bite-sized learning is good for business. The table below compares an investment into a bite-sized learning program such as The Everyday Way versus traditional workshops, showing the real cost of taking leaders away from their duties at work.
Bite-Sized Learning
Type of Training
The Everyday Way
12 Weeks
5 Days
Very High
Time Investment Per Employee
12 hours
40 hours
Lost Opportunity Cost
Cost of Training
Total Cost
* The calculation assumes a cost per workshop day of $4,800 and value per employee and working day of $1,000.
Stop wasting money on workshops.
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