Why you should never buy a workshop again
Training your leaders effectively is hard. It's not just about choosing relevant content and scheduling time for learning, but also about making learning stick.
Are you spending money on workshops?
Have you ever tried to put an entire apple into your mouth at once? It's pretty uncomfortable, hard to digest, and some may even find it stressful. That's pretty much how a big workshop feels for your already busy leaders. They have very little time to eat-up a big chunk of new learning. Digesting what they've learned is very difficult as the amount of time before they need to go back to work to focus on different issues is limited - the worst part is, that the delicious and nutritious juices can't be enjoyed on their own.

Today's leaders are busier than ever before, constantly needing to adapt to rapid technological change. At the same time, only 1 out of 10 employees is engaged at work. This results in a lot of stress for everyone involved.

While many companies recognize these issues and are prepared to equip their leaders with additional tools and skills, they often make the mistake of doing this by running or buying workshops.

Going to a workshop when you're already stressed and on a tight schedule is probably the last thing you'd want to do - coming back to an overflowing mailbox and a neverending to-do list is even less appealing.

At Everyday, we went through pages of research and combined our findings with our observations of hundreds of learners. Based on that, we built a training model that fits in neatly in the day of busy working professionals while ensuring high engagement and clear learning outcomes.

Here are the things we identified as key-components to enable the habits of great leaders (which we call The Everyday Way):

  • Personalized bite-sized, anytime and anywhere

  • Expert coaching to support learning journey

«Learning in bite-sized modules makes transfer of learning almost 20% more efficient.»
Growth Engineering
Study (2016)
Bite-sized boosts engagement
Bite-sized learning is a name for short content pieces who can be grasped quickly by the learner. They often reference shared experiences to create deeper meaning. Bite-sized learning modules often consist of imagery or video material instead of long texts. The idea is, that it shouldn't take the learner more than a few minutes to get through a bite-sized learning module.
Why is bite-sized learning so effective?

Several studies have found that learning in bite-sized modules makes transfer of learning almost 20% more efficient. But why is it so much more efficient to learn in smaller sprints?

  • Bite-sized learning content is easily accessible, meaning that learners can take it in their own pace.

  • Bite-sized learning content typically addresses fewer learning objectives at once, resulting in less than 5 learning takeaways. This is far easier to digest.

  • Bite-sized learning content is more focused and hence less cluttered with unimportant facts. This makes it easier to remember what's important.

  • Bite-sized content is adjusted to the average attention span of learners, meaning that during the time the learner is focused on the content his or her engagement is at a high.
A bite-sized learning approach is more effective, as it's adjusted to learners' behaviours and results in higher engagement than an average workshop or traditional learning module.

How to maximize learning retention
The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours on end. We learn better when content is delivered in smaller, bite-sized packages or sprints and ideally placed out over an overseeable period of time. If we also get to repeat parts of the content, that aids retention even more.

At Everyday, our bite-sized learning modules are well-suited to this delivery format. Besides delivering all tasks in the form of 5-minute tasks, we ensure each piece of learning ties in with other pieces, aiming to create new habits along the way.

To take it even further, we've added coaching as a substantial part of the learning journey.

Our coaches are experts with over 10 years of experience in their field and ensure that transfer of learning is maximized by facilitating reflection and critical thinking to support learners to process what they've learned and adapt it to their daily work.

Investing in a bite-sized training approach makes it easier to create habits and results in a higher transfer of learning than a workshop.

Why is coaching so effective?

Coaching is a vital part of an effective professional development program. Coaching can build intention, skill, knowledge, and capacity. Why? Because it goes deeper than any other professional learning component: into the intellect, behaviors, practices, beliefs, values, and emotions of a learner.

Coaching creates a nurturing relationship in which a learner feels cared for and is therefore able to access and implement new knowledge more effectively, as the purpose is made clear. A coach can facilitate deep reflection and learning can take place. A coach holds a space where healing can take place and where resilient, joyful communities can be built. This is another important component to building a training with high engagement throughout.

Is the ROI of bite-sized, facilitated training higher?

This is easy. The less time your leaders actually spend training, the more time they have to do their job. By integrating the training with on-the-job tasks and topics, learners can quickly develop good habits, ensuring what's learned is applied where it's needed right away.

Here are other things you save with a bite-sized training methodology like Everyday, that combines online and offline resources, compared to a workshop:

  • You don't pay for an on-site instructor's time.

  • Everything is digital: you don't need to invest in books or printed material.

  • As most of the training happens online, you don't need to invest in facilities.

Investing in a training that is built on a bite-sized learning approach gives you more value for money than a workshop. Especially if you pair bite-sized learning with facilitation by skilled coaches, you can boost transfer of learning and engagement, leaving you with better results overall.

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