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Our coaches are the golden standard of the industry, known for their strong corporate backgrounds and their relentless focus on results.
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Why is coaching so effective?
Coaching is a vital part of an effective professional development program. Coaching can build intention, skill, knowledge, and capacity. Why? Because it goes deeper than any other professional learning component: into the intellect, behaviors, practices, beliefs, values, and emotions of a learner.

Coaching creates a nurturing relationship in which a learner feels cared for and is therefore able to access and implement new knowledge more effectively, as the purpose is made clear. A coach can facilitate deep reflection and learning can take place. A coach holds a space where healing can take place and where resilient, joyful communities can be built. This is another important component to building a training with high engagement throughout.
Our coaches are different.
The coaches at Everyday are the golden standard of the industry, known for their strong backgrounds in business and strong ability to support people to grow.
Domain Expert
Every coach has a specific domain or field of expertise.
Corporate Background
Every coach has +10 years experience working in the business world.
Every coach is skilled at working with people of different backgrounds.
Every coach has an ICC accredited or similar-level coaching certification.
Every coach is battle-tested by Everyday before being sent into the field.
Coaching based on science.
Our coaches use insights from our evidence-based assessments to more accurately predict the needs of each participant and tailor the coaching experience to drive results.
Meet some of our coaches.
We have dozens of coaches available depending on your company profile and needs. Here is a selection.
Executive Coach
For the past 30 years, Göran has been supporting business leaders, organizations and individuals to transition into a more sustainable future.
Executive Coach
As a board member of companies such as Stadium, Zoundindustries, Vasakronan, Hemtex and Hope. Christel has been advocating emotional intelligence for the past decade.
Expert Coach
Michelle combines a unique background from Harvard University and Hyper Island with a deep exploration into the field of emotional intelligence in the role as a coach and facilitator.
Expert Coach
Cecilia is passionate about unleashing human potential, harnessing her experience from Stockholm School of Economics and executive roles in startups like DPOrganizer and Groupon.
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