How it works.
The Everyday Way is our bite-sized training approach based on more than a decade of experience in corporate training.
Learning by doing.
The Everyday Way gives employees job-relevant tasks to complete with the support of expert coaches.
On-Site Workshops
We begin and end each training with a meaningful physical experience, revealing powerful insights and engaging teams on their shared learning journey.

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On-the-Job Missions
Throughout the program, each employee completes on-the-job tasks that are personalized based on individual development needs.

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Expert Coaching
To facilitate deeper learning and greater opportunity for growth, our expert coaches are fully engaged in the process, supporting learners 1-on-1 or in groups.

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Maximizing knowledge transfer.
To facilitate the learning process, we use online and offline resources, as well as assessments.
Video Library
Employees can access training videos on-demand whenever and wherever they need them in our online library.

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Peer Support
Each employee is paired up with a buddy who follows the learning progress closely by giving peer coaching, approving completed missions, and celebrating successes.

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Our built-in assessment tool adapts the training to each employee by understanding personal strengths, as well as key development priorities.

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Missions that target individual needs.
Each employee receives on-the-job missions that adapt to their individual development needs.

Here are some examples:
Notice your critical thinker.
Take 3 minutes to settle in by listening to the guided meditation. Write down all things you normally say to yourself in a critical tone. Now replace all of them with an alternative version based on compassion and kindness. Notice the change in how you feel.
Team Dynamics
Give feedback to a coworker.
Find a coworker in the hallway and give them two minutes of informal, positive feedback. Be specific by giving clear examples of what the person is doing well and why you appreciate that with the person.
Look for the good.
Make a conscious effort to look for positive aspects of your work life. Take active measures to notice the good in both yourself and your workplace. As you do this, pay attention to any resistance you encounter within yourself and acknowledge any instinctual attempts to dismiss or deny these positive feelings, but choose not to focus on them.
Coaching with the very best.
Every training is supported by coaches with +10 years of experience from working in corporate settings. Our coaches are experts in making people grow.
Senior Coach
For the past 30 years, Göran has been supporting business leaders, organizations and individuals to transition into a more sustainable future.
Senior Coach
As a board member of companies such as Stadium, Zoundindustries, Vasakronan, Hemtex and Hope. Christel has been advocating emotional intelligence for the past decade.
Michelle combines a unique background from Harvard University and Hyper Island with a deep exploration into the field of emotional intelligence in the role as a coach and facilitator.
Cecilia is passionate about unleashing human potential, harnessing her experience from Stockholm School of Economics and executive roles in startups like DPOrganizer and Groupon.
A video library packed with skills.
We've packed a library full of bite-sized video classes teaching the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) that can be accessed on-demand whenever needed.

Below are some examples.
Theory based on Jon Kabat-Zinn
Theory based on Dr. Kristin Neff
Theory based on Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Theory based on Daniel Pink
Theory is based on Susan Wheelan
Theory based on Marshall Rosenberg
A smarter buddy system.
The Everyday Way has a sophisticated buddy system where buddies approve each others progress and celebrate victories together.
Personal Trainer at Everyday
Hey Wario! Your buddy Mario just completed his mission "Give feedback to a coworker" and is waiting for your approval.
Employee at Super Mario Bros Inc.
Approved! Mario told me yesterday how he appreciates the way I challenge him to always be his best self.
Personal Trainer at Everyday
Great! If you want you can go ahead and give Mario some feedback on how it was to receive the feedback from him. I've attached a framework that you can use for that.

Assessments for deeper learning.
Before starting each program, we perform assessments to build awareness of personality types and tailor the training experience to each employee.
Big Five to build awareness.
The Big Five personality trait model is the best accepted, most scientifically valid, and most commonly used model of personality in the world.

Big Five is based on traits that stay consistent over time. Everyday uses the Big Five assessment test to build awareness of different personalities in the workplace and help employees generate a deeper understanding of their coworkers.
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Everyday EQ to grow.
Behavior-based tests are great in measuring progress as behaviors can change over time.

Based on our experience from over a decade of working with corporate training, we have designed the Everyday EQ test to measure each employee's emotional intelligence based on five factors.

Everyday EQ identifies employees core strengths and development priorities for growth.
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The Everyday way of training uses a behavior-based assessment to tailor the training experience to each employee.
Engagement is everything.
Every training program uses our battle-tested process to keep employees fully engaged throughout the training.
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