Big change starts small.

Training with Everyday is based on taking bite-sized actions to facilitate behavior change.
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Every small step is a mission.
A small task or action is what we in Everyday language like to call a mission. Every mission has been designed around unique characteristics that make it easy to complete.
It's given based on individual needs of the participant.
It's small and easy to grasp and understand.
It is short enough to be completed in about 5 minutes.
It originates from an evidence-based model or framework of behavior science.
It can be completed almost anytime, anywhere.
Examples of missions.
Your training is powered by a library full of thousands of bite-sized missions ready to be used. Here are some examples of what's in the box.
Notice your critical thinker.
Take 3 minutes to settle in by listening to the guided meditation. Write down all things you normally say to yourself in a critical tone. Now replace all of them with an alternative version based on compassion and kindness. Notice the change in how you feel.
Give feedback to a coworker.
Find a coworker in the hallway and give them two minutes of informal, positive feedback. Be specific by giving clear examples of what the person is doing well and why you appreciate that with the person.
Look for the good.
Make a conscious effort to look for positive aspects of your work life. Take active measures to notice the good in both yourself and your workplace. As you do this, pay attention to any resistance you encounter within yourself and acknowledge any instinctual attempts to dismiss or deny these positive feelings, but choose not to focus on them.
Bite-sized is a better way to learn.
Discover how bite-sized learning outperforms traditional workshops and lectures.