Invest in your leaders.
We've made it easy to get your business started with The Everyday Way.
Everything you'll get in the training.
The Everyday Way gives you everything you could ever want from a leadership training - and much more.
A beautiful welcome kit
A welcome kit with getting-started guides, manuals, t-shirts, posters, and stickers.
Evidence-based skills
An online library full of useful skills and frameworks based on modern science.
An employer dashboard
A clean and simple dashboard where you can follow progress throughout the training.
On-site workshops
Action-packed workshops at your office hosted by our world-class team of facilitators.
A peer support system
Matchmaking of coworkers to create an additional layer of support for the training.
Assessments and evaluation
Assessments to personalize the training experience and evaluate the results.
Bite-sized missions
An unlimited amount of bite-sized tasks and actions that participants can complete to build new skills.
Expert coaches
One or more coaches that will support you throughout the program.
Customized training that fits your needs.
You know best what's good for your business. It's only natural that you would want to customize training to fit your needs.
Executive Coach
  • Our training comes with an Expert Coach as standard. Upgrade to receive an Executive Coach with C-level experience.
depending on coach
On-Site Workshop
Our training already includes up to 2 workshops depending on the plan. Upgrade to receive additional workshops for your entire team on-site.
24.950 kr
per half-day workshop
Why should I invest in The Everyday Way of training?
Leadership training is broken. 70% of training is forgotten in 5 days and much of what taught is never applied in the busy, fast-paced landscape of day-to-day work. Leaders are still practicing command and control leadership styles when they should be applying communication and collaboration.

The Everyday Way of training is designed to plug right into the context of day-to-day work and give leaders the resources and support they need — exactly when they need it. No more waiting six months for the next leadership conference to acquire concrete skills. Our bite-sized and on-demand way of training has a significantly better result than traditional workshops.
When is the right time to invest?
Many companies still think about training as something they do once a year. They send their employees to a workshop or a company retreat to teach them new skills, then they spend the other 364 days of the year developing a company culture with habits and behaviors that in many ways contradict what they've just learnt.

At Everyday, we believe that leadership consists of the actions we take every day. The best resources are the ones that are available in the context of everyday work, right in the moment when they are needed. That said, we believe investing in your leaders is always worthwhile. And if you don't have the time or budget for a focused training program, just giving your leaders access to On-Demand training and support can be a great way to get started.
What are the benefits of training The Everyday Way?
The Everyday Way is an bite-sized, on-demand way of training that is twice as effective as regular workshops. It trains a leadership style based on communication and collaboration, rather than command and control.

Leaders acquire the skills of emotional intelligence, making them resilient innovators, effective communicators, and valued collaborators. They increase their ability to be self-aware and to take more intentional actions when interacting on their own and with others.
What outcomes can I expect from the training program?
The key outcome of the training is to support your leaders to adapt a leadership style of communication and collaboration rather than command and control.

In addition to that, we work with your specific business context to tailor learning outcomes to your needs. Such outcomes include e.g. a higher speed of innovation, better teamwork or greater productivity. For more information about available training outcomes, see the following page.
How do I compare your training to a regular workshop?
The Everyday Way is designed based on a bite-sized learning approach that focuses on actual learning outcomes as opposed to time spent training. Your leaders will spend less time in our training than in a traditional workshop but will generate greater results. This is possible by making the training highly contextual and personalized to the individual leader.

For more information, see the following article.
Which pricing plan is right for me?
If you've never invested in a leadership training before, the On-Demand plan gives you an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to get started. Smaller companies tend to begin by investing in 5-10 of their key leaders and then scale up as they grow.

If you're already actively investing in leadership training and operate one or multiple training programs per year, the Immersive plan allows for a more focused intervention with more training in less time, greater insights for you as an employer and powerful learning outcomes for your leaders.
What kind of leadership are you teaching us?
The Everyday Way trains a style of leadership based on communication and collaboration, rather than command and control. It supports leaders to thrive in fast-paced environments with many unknowns and take more intentional action to support themselves, their colleagues, and the companies they work for.
What companies have you already worked with?
The team at Everyday has delivered training for companies such as Spotify, Red Cross, Tele2, Jung Relations and the Department of Foreign Affairs.
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