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Training with Astrid creates a culture for growth where each individual employee actively contributes to the success of the company.
In most organizations nearly everyone is doing a second job no one is paying them to do: covering their weaknesses, trying to look their best, and managing other peoples' expectations.
Harvard Business Review
March 2016
Creating a culture for growth.
Training with Astrid creates a culture where all your employees actively contribute to growing business.
Personal Growth
Each employee takes individual responsibility for their personal growth at work.
Team Development
Each employee takes an active role in the development of their team and colleagues.
Business Development
Each employee contributes to the financial success and growth of the company.
Based on research from Harvard.
Training with Astrid strengthens four key factors that distinguish successful growth companies.
Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard University have studied what makes organizations thrive and identified four factors that distinguish successful growth companies.

On-demand coaching with Astrid contributes to creating a company culture based on these key factors where every employee gets an opportunity for personal growth in the workplace.
Psychological Safety
An environment that feels safe, fueled by top leaders willing to role model vulnerability and take personal responsibility for their shortcomings and mistakes.
Continuous Learning
A focus on continuous learning through inquiry, curiosity and transparency, in place of judgment, certainty and self-protection.
Time-limited, manageable experiments with new behaviors in order to test the unconscious assumption that changing the status quo is dangerous and likely to have negative consequences.
Continuous feedback — up, down and across the organization – grounded in a shared commitment to helping each other grow, improve, and be happier.
Monthly Reports

Astrid provides comprehensive monthly reports with data and insights on how you are performing as a growth culture.
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