Develop new strengths.
Astrid offers on-demand training in the key strengths you need to thrive at work.
Make wise decisions
Navigate knowledge in times of uncertainty to generate insights and make impactful decisions.
Structure my work
Prioritize work and create structures that help you get the things done that are most important.
Host productive meetings
Create a healthy meeting culture that engages everyone and is focused on results.
Scratch screen time
Develop balanced social media habits that focus your attention on what really matters.
Pitch an idea
Communicate ideas and concepts clearly and thoroughly to win support.
Give feedback
Empower the people around you by sharing clear and concise feedback.
Feel calm and present
Stay grounded at work by effectively handling challenging situations.
Boost motivation
Understand what drives you and others to stay motivated at work.
Set clear boundaries
Set boundaries for your work and communicate them clearly to colleagues.
Practice gratitude
Take time to notice progress and practice gratitude.
Manage a conflict
Resolve a conflict, dispute, or argument.
Find flow
Create a distraction-free environment that allows for deep, meaningful work.
Coach others
Coach and mentor coworkers to support their growth.
Work remotely
Establish a remote work routine that balances freedom and performance.
Communicate visually
Draw, doodle and sketch to convey thoughts and ideas visually.
Learn from failure
Turn failures into future successes.
Explore strengths
Reveal and polish your true strengths.
Set goals that matter
Optimize goals for performance by adapting them to context.
Build a prototype
Bring ideas to life by creating and testing effective prototypes.
Boost team performance
Empower your team to reach for the stars. Collaborate effectively by supporting communication and exchange.
Delegate tasks to increase productivity and encourage coworkers to grow.
Be brave
Practice vulnerability and dare to be your true self.
Ask for help
Express needs and ask for help when needed.
Practice kindness
Be kind to yourself. Practice self-compassion.
Values in action
Understand personal values and put them into action every day.
Strengths at work.
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