Thanks for signing up!
We're really excited to have you on board with this pilot together with Everyday.
My name is Ashkan and I will be your Training Success Manager. My role is to make sure we make the necessary preparations to get the most out of this training together with us - and to collect feedback and insights during the pilot that can help us tweak the training as we scale up.

You may reach me at any time using either my email [email protected] or phone 08-200 751.
The next steps.
Here is what's next for us.
Alignment meeting
We will sit down for another meeting to align the training to your company's needs and see if there are any customizations we want to make to the curriculum.
Survey to participants
A week before the training begins, we send out a survey to the participants to gather some additional information of who they are and their preferences.
Training starts!
Finally we are ready to begin the pilot and start training! Your participants will get an invite to download Astrid either via App Store or Google Play.