on-demand coaching with astrid
A coaching tool that supercharges your sales reps
We have developed our on-demand coaching tool to help you meet your sales reps' needs in order to boost and grow their motivation, skills and performance.

With Astrid, the on-demand coaching app, your sales reps get access to powerful tools to help them increase motivation, improve their sales techniques and ultimately contribute to your company's success. Stay updated, follow their progress and help them grow by offering world-class on-demand coaching.
Supercharge your sales reps
A new generation of coaching

With Astrid, you can supercharge your sales reps with various tools and skills needed to succeed in today's fast-paced world. All delivered in a bite-sized, engaging format from out AI-bot Astrid. Astrid is designed with the schedules of busy working professionals in mind.

Teach new skills, in-between sales meetings.
Unlimited access to our skills library
What Everyday can do for you
We help fast-growing companies develop effectively by supercharging sales reps.
On-board new sales agents
Recruiting but not managing to onboard a sales rep properly is a sales manager's worst nightmare. In some cases, 3 in 5 sales reps don't fully get up to speed for at least seven months – and about 1 in 5 take more than a year to gain the skills and behaviours needed to succeed. Don't let sloppy onboarding get the better of your business. Astrid can teach the right sales skills on the get-go and offers expert coaching to ramp up the speed of development.
Boost existing sales reps
According to Forbes Insight, the average cost of replacing an existing sales rep can be as high as $115.000. Astrid can boost existing sales reps and offer them the opportunity for growth with our on-demand coaching solution. This increases satisfaction and engagement, leading to lower employee turnover.
Your sales reps are in
great hands
Henrik L
Business coach @ Everyday
Henrik has founded several companies and coached more than a hundred leaders and sales reps to this date. Together with other Everyday coaches, he will ensure your sales reps get the right challenge and support to grow themselves and grow your business.
Readymade training tracks
Astrid offers on-demand training in the key strengths you need to be a successful sales rep.
Pitch an idea
12 activities to develop sales skills
Communicate ideas and concepts clearly and thoroughly to win support. Understanding customer needs, conveying people.
Structure my work
12 activities to be a more structured sales rep
Prioritize work and create structures that help you get the things done that are most important.
Set goals that matter
12 activities to set better goals in sales
Optimize goals for performance by adapting them to context.
Get started with Astrid
We are sales managers' best friends. It's easy to get started, and you can cancel whenever.
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Run a small pilot
Run a pilot with 15 sales reps for a month
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Scale to rest of your team
After the pilot month, scale Astrid to the rest of your team, cancel whenever.
Simple pricing. Cancel whenever.
Unlike traditional training solutions, Astrid runs as a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.
Monthly Subscription
Give on-demand coaching to your team to create a culture of personal growth where people thrive at work.
per user and month
Starts at 50 users.
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What's included.
2 Coaching Sessions
2 x 30 minute sessions of quality face-to-face time with a highly skilled business and sales coach every month.
On-Demand Training
Allow your sales reps to pick any strength from the curriculum to work on based on their personal needs.
Monthly Reports
Astrid provides comprehensive monthly reports with data and insights on how your teams are performing.
Get a better deal now
Reach out to us if you have more than 20 sales reps and we will give you a customized offer.